Accessible Music Project

The Accessible Music Project (A.M.P.)

Dedicated to Making Music More Accessible™,  A.M.P. books and pays local musicians to bring their music to Access Limited residents, performing at local Community Venues in series such as the Coffee Hour Concerts at Cedars Healthcare Center, the Happy Hour Concerts at Morningside of Charlottesville, and our 2020 Local Music Flash Mob Concert series response to Covid-19.*

We do this because we believe that America’s professional musicians are best qualified to bring the powerful experience of live music to our Access Limited community members.

A.M.P. also believes that America’s professional musicians are best qualified to provide appropriate and engaging musical education opportunities to Access Limited young people in and beyond the schools and should be well and fairly compensated for their efforts.

The Accessible Music Project operates as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation because we believe that America’s vital social values are best brought to life by passionate professionals who know that for this grand experiment in equality, freedom, and self-government to survive we must give back and pay forward with our work.


*AMP is currently booking musicians for the Summer 2024/25 Local Music Flash Mobs concert series.